Whether you want to build a new barn or replace an existing one, choosing the right barn is important. This is where you will store equipment, livestock, and other agricultural materials. The most popular options in the industry are pole barns and metal barns. Not sure about the difference between them? Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland is here to guide you!

In this blog, you’ll find out more about these two types of barns. Then we will focus on the advantages of choosing steel barns over traditional structures.

What Is a Pole Barn?

A traditional pole barn is made of wooden poles that serve as support beams. It is used as an outdoor storage space in agricultural areas. After burying the poles in the ground, the walls are installed using lateral boards or metal sheets. A concrete floor installation is optional, but most people go for plain dirt floors.

Pole barns are good for people with a limited budget. The cost of installation is inexpensive. You can choose to add more features like steel framing and insulation.

However, this type of barn comes with many disadvantages. It is more prone to collapse and decay due to its materials. You will also be likely to spend more money on maintenance and upkeep.

What Is a Steel Barn?

As the name implies, a steel barn is a structure fabricated with high-grade steel. The steel columns are installed on rafter beams to form one frame. Steel pole barns are now preferred by many because of their strength and durability.

Steel frame barns are more weather-resistant than their counterparts. It does not require must maintenance, so you can save on the upkeep costs. 

The Edge of Steel Barns Over Traditional Pole Barns

Weather Resistance

Compared to wooden structures, metal buildings are made of weather-resistant materials. In fact, it can “self-protect” against heavy rain, snow, and hurricane-force winds. Wood rot and mold will not ruin the quality and durability of your steel barn. Moreover, it won’t warp or sag over time.

When it comes to earthquakes, metal structures are ductile enough to withstand seismic waves. Your steel-frame barns are guaranteed to last in even the most challenging disasters and weather conditions.

Fire Resistance

Steel is a material that performs well when exposed to fire. It is non-combustible and fire-resistant, which means it does not ignite fires. Although steel barns are not completely immune to fire, the steel framing can sustain heat damage and exposure to high temperatures.

On the other hand, pole barns can easily ignite and add fuel to the fire. They are seen to be less safe than barns built of noncombustible materials.

Resistance to Termites

Wood-munching termites cause a lot of damage to barn owners. If you still want a wooden barn, you can apply a chemical treatment to the poles and support beams. Another option is to choose a steel-frame barn. 

A metal barn building is extremely termite-resistant. No termite will ever attempt to feed on steel barns. There’s no need to worry about the cost of termite treatment and damage repairs. When you go with this termite-proof solution, you are choosing quality and savings.


Due to the wood’s nature, wooden poles and beams are inconsistent. The lumber used in barns typically varies in length, quality, and thickness. In addition, they will continue to sag and change shape after a certain period of time. You will not be able to get consistent quality with traditional wooden framing.

Steel barns provided more consistent and better performance. Metal building contractors construct steel barns with precision and consistency. This way, you can be sure that the steel beams are uniform and consistent.


Now that you know the difference between pole barns and prefab metal barns, it’s time to make a choice. Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland is here to help you make an informed decision. Our steel structures are designed to meet the standards. 

When you work with us, expect that your metal barn can outperform every traditional barn out there. No other company offers premium steel buildings at budget-friendly prices.

To get started, feel free to call our staff. Our friendly steel building specialists can answer whatever question you may have. Let’s start building your dream steel-framed barn today!