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Our Steel Garage Options

If you are looking for a great storage solution for your vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, tools, and other valuable items, choose a good-quality metal garage. At Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, we bring you a wide selection of metal garages available in many sizes.

As metal building experts, we are confident that our metal garages can protect your cars and other valuables. Whether you’re looking for an enclosure to protect your vehicles or your belongings from theft or pests. Our steel garages are resistant to harsh elements, which means everything inside will be kept nice, dry, and in good condition!

When you choose us, you can be sure that our steel garage kits are highly customizable to meet your requirements. You can easily expand and modify it according to your needs and budget. Simply tell us your preferred size, color, door and window designs, security features, and other customization options. All you need to do is inform us about your vision and we will do the rest.

With many options in the market, you may feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start. This is where our metal building experts come in. We’ll guide you throughout the process and give you the best recommendations.

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Our Metal Carport Options

Metal garages and carports are very similar in many aspects. However, building a metal carport is less expensive than installing a steel garage. An open metal carport serves the dual purpose of vehicle protection and outside storage. This budget-friendly structure can protect your car and equipment from heavy rain and snow. It is made from durable and reliable materials to add storage solutions and provide overhead protection to your prized possessions.


​Turn to us for the best selection of metal carports Midland, TX has to offer. You can choose the size, color, and roofing style of your metal carport depending on your needs. A portable carport provides you with complete convenience and easy access at all times. 

You no longer need to lock and unlock your garage! No need to worry about where you left your garage keys. Simply go inside, start your vehicle, and drive off to your destination. Another good news is you can still convert your carport to a full-featured garage or any other closed structure.

All of our top-quality carports can be custom-built to your specifications. Expect that we will help you design and assemble a steel structure that will shelter your car and tools for many years to come.

To have a quality carport or steel shed installed on your property, look no further than Custom Metal Buildings of Midland. With our help, the possibilities for your brand-new metal structure are endless.

Give us a call to learn more about the prices of carports Midland, TX! Or, continue reading below to see answers to our most Frequently Answered Questions. 

How Much Does It Cost for a Metal Carport?

If you are short on a budget, building a metal carport is more affordable than a fully built garage. Metal carport prices vary depending on the style, size, and materials you choose. To give you a ballpark figure, it will cost you between $2,253 and $4,826. The national average cost for an aluminum carport with a boxed-eave roof is $3,420. Expect to pay between $10 and $30 per square foot, depending on the type of metal and style.

Carports Midland, TX Prices by Size

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Built from kits or prefab sets, steel carports usually come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and dimensions to accommodate different vehicle types. According to industry averages, homeowners pay around the following prices:

Size (L x W x H) Cost

One midsize car: 21’ x 12’ x 6’ $700-$800 

Two midsize cars: 21’ x 24’ x 7’ $1,300

One large RV: 41’ x 20’ x 12’ $2,825

ATV or motorcycle: 10’ x 7’ x 6’ $550


Factors That Affect Metal Carport Prices

  • Style and Size of the Carport
  • Location
  • Required Snow Load or Wind Rating
  • Materials
  • Roof Types (Regular, Boxed Eave, or Vertical)
  • State and Building Specifications.

Cost of Installation

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Compared to a garage, metal carports are easier to install, and you will only spend a fraction of the average garage building cost. You can install a carport in one day since it doesn’t have walls or doors. Indeed, it is an affordable solution for those who want protection over their car and tools. 


If the installation labor is not included, the typical assembly cost is around $200-$300. Aside from the estimated prices by size we’ve already mentioned, the following features can add to the cost of metal carport installation:

  • Installation Over an Existing Structure
  • Site Excavation and Preparation
  • Boat Dock Installation
  • Upgrading of the Metal Sheet
  • Roof Structure Reinforcement
  • Specially Designed Entry Door

Delivery Costs

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There are providers of metal carports and garages that offer free installation and delivery services to their clients. The costs for the delivery are typically included in the total amount of your order. However, they may charge an extra fee if you live beyond their service area. Orders below $600 may also incur a delivery charge of about $50. Before hiring someone, make sure to ask for the full details including the cost of delivery. This will help you determine if they are overcharging you for their services.

What Sizes Do Metal Carports Come In?

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When having a carport installed, you need to make sure that the size is large enough to suit your needs. Before you get started, ask yourself “What are you going to use the carport for?” You can use it as overhead protection for your cars, a storage area for your equipment, or an outdoor workshop. These factors will help you determine the size of the carport needed. 


Luckily, Custom Metal Buildings of Midland can help you custom-build the right metal carport on your property. We will ask you about the number of cars you own, the type and height of the vehicle, and other customization features. Our team can help you choose the right carport size and ensure it exceeds all your expectations.

Standard Carport Sizes

Most manufacturers usually classify carports in width, length, and height. Whether you own one sedan or a large SUV, there’s an option available for you. To help you get started, here are the common carport dimensions you should know about.

Single Car Carports

For regular and compact cars, a 12 ft. wide and 20 ft. long metal carport is just ideal to make getting in and out of your car a breeze. This standard dimension is sufficient for sheltering one vehicle, automotive supplies, and tools. It provides plenty of space for parking and storage purposes. However, if you’re planning to own a trailer or RV in the future, consider upgrading to a double or triple carport design.

Double Carports

The next larger size is the double carport which generally measures 20 ft. wide and 20 ft. long. Your two-vehicle carport is perfect for storing 4WDs, trucks, or a caravan. Moreover, you can also store a boat or sports equipment since it has more interior space. If you need additional privacy and security, install a roller door on your carport to have a fully enclosed metal structure.

Triple Carports

Pick a triple-wide carport that provides ample space for storing up to three vehicles or oversized equipment. It typically measures 30 ft. wide and 35 ft. long, but you can still opt for a much larger dimension. Aside from overhead protection, you can use your triple carport unit as an equipment storage shed or a workshop. 

How To Determine the Right Size for Metal Carports Midland, TX

First, you need to measure your car’s length and width, with doors open. Keep in mind that vehicle doors should be able to open freely without hitting another vehicle. Then, estimate how much space you need to use for storage and walking space. Measuring the dimensions will help you in choosing a carport of the right size. You might consider buying more vehicles in the future, so you may plan ahead and build a bigger carport that will stand the test of time.

Custom-Build Your Own Metal Carport

Now that you know how to choose the right carport dimensions, let our team install a custom steel carport to any specific size you need! We can easily customize the carport’s size and extra features to ensure maximum protection for your vehicles and turn your vision into reality!

Are Metal Carports Worth It?

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Known as strong and sturdy open-style structures, metal carports can be considered a good investment. They come in various styles, colors, and materials that will surely provide the weather protection your vehicles need. Unlike garages, carports are semi-covered structures that do not have doors and walls. Instead, they have support beams that support the galvanized steel roof. Let’s check out the other reasons you might want to consider getting a metal carport.

Protect Your Vehicles

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The primary purpose of a carport is to house your car and safeguard whatever’s in it from harsh elements like snow, rain, wind, and blistering heat. When you leave your vehicle or RV exposed to these elements, your car deteriorates quickly. Your carport acts as a barrier to reduce the amount of weather your car experiences.

Versatility and Flexibility

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Since metal carports are not fully enclosed, they can serve a variety of functions aside from being a parking space. You can use it as an additional storage area or temporary workshop. Moreover, you can utilize it as an event venue where you can hold a barbeque party, birthday, or just a simple family get-together. It provides shade from the, so you can freely set up a picnic table for your kids during the summer season. Your metal carport can make your life easier in more ways than just protecting your car. 

Many companies like metal carport kits that you can easily assemble yourself. Detached metal carports are very flexible and portable. You can dismantle and move it from one place to another with just a simple nut and bolt system. If you are moving to a new house, a metal carport can be handy because you can take it with you effortlessly.

    Durability and Ease of Maintenance

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    Although metal is light and portable, it is much more durable and sturdy than wood and other materials. Aside from its durability, carports made with galvanized steel are also resistant to pests, corrosion, and weather damage. This is why it will last longer and requires less maintenance than other building materials. Moreover, it is non-combustible and resistant to fire. You can be sure that all your stored vehicles and equipment are safe from the risk of fire or explosion.

    When you have a metal carport, you won’t be having problems with structural deterioration, pest infestation, or rotting. Compared to wood carports, a metal structure does not require much upkeep. 

    All you need to do is perform routine checks at least twice a year, keep it clean regularly, and do minor repairs. With a little care and maintenance, you can make your metal carport worth the money.

    No Additional Property Taxes

    metal barn & barndominium installation

    A metal carport doesn’t require a foundation and is not a permanent structure. So, you won’t have to pay taxes since most local authorities do not consider it as taxable property. However, since a metal carport can enhance your property’s value, you need to prepare for slightly higher property taxes.

    Choosing the Right Carport Size

    If you’re now thinking about installing a metal carport, there are many aspects you may want to consider. You need to make sure that the carport size complements its intended purpose. Determine what sort of vehicles you have and think about the future if you plan to acquire any additional cars.

    engineering plans by texas custom metal buildings

    One Metal Carport Size Does Not Fit All

    The biggest mistake with carport sizes is underestimating them. Know your vehicle dimensions because they play a big role in determining the carport size you will need. When you do not measure your vehicles, your carport might only cover a small space. It is also recommended to add a few extra feet if you are going to use your carport as an additional storage area.

    To avoid choosing the wrong size, it’s best to turn to a company that offers custom-built metal carports. Once you know the vehicle dimensions, you will be able to decide if you need a single, double, or triple carport.

    In addition, you should also take into consideration the available space in your property. How much space do you currently have to work with? To answer this question, use a tape measure or driveway chalk to visualize where your unit will be placed. Carefully measure the width and length and check for trees or overhead power lines that may become an obstruction. 

    How Many Vehicles Can Fit in Each Carport Size?

    12×20 Single Carports: One Compact Car

    18×20 Double Carports: Two Standard Cars or One Large Recreational Vehicle 

    30×35 Triple Carports: Up to Three Vehicles and One Tractor or Boat

    Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Metal Carport Sizes

    Aside from the width, the length and height are important when you buy metal carports. Tractors and recreational vehicles usually need taller-than-standard carports. Choose a carport that is tall enough but not too tall to topple over. Remember that the taller the carport, the less wind-resistant it will be. Without enough weather protection, it will likely be blown over by strong winds. Get a stable carport with the right amount of height, width, and length. Speaking of length, a compact car would not require a long carport than a van or larger SUV. Similarly, trucks and recreational vehicles you own need more parking space. 

    With many metal carport sizes available, be sure to install a steel structure designed to meet your specific vehicle storage needs. We hope this guide will help you determine the appropriate size for your steel carport.

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