Pre-engineered metal buildings are known for their durability and customization options. When you purchase one, you can either stick with the standard building kit or customize the structure according to your needs. Since steel structures are versatile, they can be designed and retrofitted in various ways. As the owner, you have the choice to pick the color, roof style, and building accessories. 

If you want something unique, there are countless ways you can upgrade your metal building. Let’s first discuss the pros of updating or retrofitting your building:

Why Upgrade?

  • Boost the Thermal Efficiency of the Building
  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Lower Utility Costs
  • Enhance Strength and Durability
  • Improve Aesthetics and Style
  • Increase Property Value
  • Comply With Local Building Codes and Regulations

Bigger Building Size

Manufacturers offer metal buildings in different sizes and dimensions. The most common building is usually around 40 by 60 feet. But thanks to the versatility of metal structures, you have the option to customize the width and length of your building to fit your needs. Building owners can either expand vertically, expand horizontally, or reconfigure the interior space. 

Increasing the building size involves structural modifications on the building’s frame and interior support. Almost any steel building can be expanded to create more space depending on your specific needs. Hassle-free expansion is possible because end walls and frames can be unbolted and reinstalled easily. Expanding a metal building needs careful planning, so make sure to consult with a metal building contractor.

Metal Roof

Roofing systems made of steel are just as good as metal buildings. If you’re planning a roof upgrade or replacement, metal roofs are a great choice. They are known for their durability and aesthetics that can easily match your building’s overall design. Like steel structures, metal roofs require minimal upkeep and cleaning. Typically, you’ll only need to inspect them once or twice a year. With metal roofs, there’s no need to worry about costs associated with repairs and replacement.

To keep them in tip-top shape, you can either try the DIY route or hire a professional roofer for cleaning and maintenance. Either way, choosing a metal roof adds an extra layer of protection for your metal building. 

Snow Guards

Aside from metal roofs, snow guards are a great option for your metal building upgrade. These devices help prevent snow from melting and sliding off the roof all at once. Without snow guards, a roof avalanche may occur. This happens when snow and ice slide off in large chunks. 

Roof avalanches are dangerous for objects and people as they can cause injuries. By installing snow guards on your metal building, you can prevent the buildup of snow as well as damage to the roof and gutters.


Due to it being a conductive material, metal buildings can conduct heat and cold way better than others. To regulate the temperature inside the building, you need to install insulation. It is highly recommended to add insulation because it improves comfort and helps reduce energy costs.

Your options include batt insulation, blown-in insulation, spray foam insulation, and more. If you’re unsure about which insulation to choose, consider asking your metal building contractor to get expert insight.


Also known as “two-tone,” wainscoting involves covering the lower exterior walls with a different material. This decorative feature is more popular in barns and agricultural buildings. With so many colors and textures to choose from, it can offer a two-tone look to your steel structure. 

Incorporating a wainscot style will make your building more unique and stylish. Here are the other benefits of wainscoting:

  • Add Visual Interest
  • Increase the Aesthetics of Your Metal Building
  • Protect the Lower Exterior Walls From Damage
  • Reduce Dings and Dents on the Walls
  • Boost Curb Appeal

Let Us Customize Your Prefab Building

At Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, we specialize in installing and customizing prefab steel structures. From roll-up doors to windows, we are familiar with a selection of accessories that you can add to your metal building. Our experienced team is committed to helping you implement these upgrades. With these customizable options, your building will be transformed into a space that’s both functional and stylish. 

For more upgrade options, give us a call today. Let’s take your pre-engineered metal building to the next level!