The durability of prefab steel buildings makes them ideal for agricultural structures and barns. These types of buildings meet the highest standards when it comes to structural design, fire safety, and pest infestations. Unlike wood, steel won’t sustain significant damage from pests. Termites and rodents can damage the equipment and the structure itself. 

That’s why choosing the right building material is essential for the strength and lifespan of the structure. Farm buildings and barns made from steel are worth the investment. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about pest-proof metal buildings. 

Termites in Wood Barn

Wood is composed of cellulose, which is an essential component of a termite’s diet. They break down cellulose fibers to get the nutrients required for survival. That’s why termites are attracted to wood, grass, and leaves. Termite attacks can damage what’s stored inside the barn. They will chew through the timber components until the structure is weak and unstable.

Aside from termites, other pests like carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, and woodlice commonly infest wood buildings. These insects burrow into the wood and cause extensive property damage. If you get a termite infestation in your agricultural building, you will have to deal with expensive pest control.

Ways To Keep Pests at Bay 

  • Seal windows and doors properly
  • Keep your metal barn as clean as possible
  • Remove trash regularly
  • Seal all seed bags properly
  • Use airtight storage containers for animal feed
  • Prune trees and overgrown bushes around the structure
  • Patch any holes and crevices
  • Place rodent bait stations and traps

Why You Should Choose Steel Farm Buildings

One of the benefits of investing in a steel barn is never having to worry about wood-eating pests. While termites can easily chew their way through the wood, they won’t be able to do that on metal buildings. 

Steel is a non-organic material that does not contain any cellulose. This means it’s impossible for termites to eat through durable steel framing and sidewalls. Steel structures are far more secure than barns made of wood and other organic materials. You don’t have to worry about termite damage when you choose steel as your building material. Let’s discuss the other benefits of steel farm buildings:

Resistant To Dry Rot

Termites aren’t the only silent killer that affects wooden barns. Dry rot is a type of fungal decay that also affects wood and other organic materials. If you notice any spots of orange-brown spore dust or crumbling wood, you might be dealing with dry rot. This can spread to different parts of the structure and create a hazardous environment for people and livestock. Due to its material, prefab metal buildings are not directly affected by dry rot. 

Durable and Long-Lasting

Steel is proven strong and durable. That’s why it is the preferred material for building frames. Not only can it withstand harsh weather conditions, but it can also last you a long time. If your area is prone to hurricanes and high winds, getting a steel farm building is a good investment. It’s extremely resistant to severe weather, pests, and fire.

Make sure you shop around and evaluate the best metal buildings for your project! A subpar structure can pose risks to livestock or result in costly repairs in the future. The last thing you want is to spend money on cheap, low-quality metal barns.

Fully Customizable Construction

All farmers and ranchers have unique needs for their barns. Fortunately, metal buildings can be easily upgraded to meet your specific requirements. It can be designed to utilize them as livestock shelters, equipment storage, or a multi-use structure. 

Available in various sizes and shapes, steel buildings can be tailored to anything you want them to be. You can get all types of customizations from roof styles to trim and flashing. Accessories like lighting and ventilation systems can also be installed in your metal barn. Finding the perfect barn is easy with endless customization options. 

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