Choosing the right building material is a crucial step that you should not miss. Proper selection of building materials can affect how long the entire structure will last. This is where metal buildings stand out from traditional materials. Thanks to the advancements in construction, these structures are built with quality and safety in mind. Pre-engineered steel structures are known for their durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to weather. 

These types of buildings can withstand extreme weather conditions — from fires, earthquakes, and hailstorms, or anything in between. Explore how weather conditions impact prefab metal buildings’ durability and maintenance.


Although metal buildings are rust-resistant, rainwater can cause the metal to corrode over time. Corrosion is one of the enemies of steel. When moisture comes in contact with steel, the metal surface will start to oxidize and rust. Rust can weaken the structure’s integrity and decrease its lifespan. The best way to protect your metal building from rain is to apply anti-rust coatings. This will shield the metal surfaces against the effects of oxidation and water exposure.

It’s also a good idea to add gutter systems to your metal building. Proper drainage and gutter installation will prevent rainwater from accumulating on the roof. By adding gutters, it’s easier to divert rainwater away from the building. Less moisture exposure means less rust on your prefab building.


While metal buildings are designed to stand up against the extreme wind, they can only withstand wind speeds ranging from 90 to 140 miles per hour. In hurricane-prone areas, subpar metal buildings might deteriorate easily when exposed to strong winds. Here are some of the possible effects of strong winds on steel structures:

  • Roof Damage
  • Bending and Warping
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Deformation

To minimize damaging effects, you can have your building certified for wind resistance. When the metal building is wind-certified, it meets the minimum design requirements set by the relevant building codes. This will give you peace of mind and assurance that the structure can handle maximum wind loads and gusts. Aside from this, regular maintenance can help minimize the effects of severe weather conditions. 


It’s a popular myth that steel buildings attract lightning because of the conductive nature of metal. But in reality, anything can be struck by lightning. Having a prefab steel structure won’t increase its chances of being hit by lightning. Rather than the material, the height of the structure is a dominant factor. We all know that the taller the building, the higher the risk that lightning might hit it.

When lightning does strike a metal building, the surge of electrical current may travel through the metal structure and straight to the ground. This will help diffuse the full impact of the strike. If you want to protect your structure from the effects of lightning, you may install lightning protection systems that can intercept lightning strikes.


Prefabricated metal buildings are designed to handle heavy snow build-up. The term snow load is the amount of additional force pressing down on the building’s roof. This added force or pressure is due to the accumulation of snow and ice during the winter season. 

Since metal buildings have sturdy steel frames, they can withstand heavy snow loads. However, if the weight of the snow buildup exceeds the design load, the building’s structural integrity might be put at risk. We recommend checking with your steel contractor to ensure your metal building meets the snow load requirements in your area. 

Why Metal Buildings Can Stand Against Extreme Weather

  • Ductility With Extreme Weather
  • Strength-to-weight Ratio
  • Noncombustible Material
  • Mold Resistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Superior Insulation
  • Resistance Against Rust and Corrosion

Looking for High-Quality Steel Structures?

With proper design and regular maintenance, prefab metal buildings can face different weather conditions. At Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, we design top-of-the-line metal buildings, carports, and barndominiums that can stand the test of time. In our company, quality and safety are our topmost priorities. We will ensure that your steel structure is safe and compliant with all safety regulations. This means you don’t have to worry about your steel building’s integrity and long-term performance.

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