The main difference between a wood and metal barn is the material. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks to weigh. To make an informed decision, let’s discuss the main factors to consider when building a new barn on your property. Ready to make your choice? Continue reading to learn more.


In building a horse barn, you need to set a budget first. Metal barns provide better value than wood barns. When you compare the installation costs of the two materials, the price of a steel barn is about one-third of a wood barn. A metal barn for agricultural use costs around $10 and $25 per square foot to build. In contrast, traditional wood barns range in price between $20 and $50 per square foot.

For the cheaper option, go with a metal barn. This material costs less because the materials used aren’t expensive. In addition, the durability and strength of steel contribute to the cost. You will also spend money on labor since it has a shorter construction process.

Ease of Installation

If you’re in a hurry to build a new barn, choose steel barns for ease of installation. Metal structures take shorter prep time and installation. A simple metal barn might take less than a week to erect. On the other hand, wood barns can be assembled within 6-12 weeks. The amount of time required varies depending on the barn’s design and size. For larger structures, the time frame will be longer.

Sound Control

Horses have sensitive ears because they have an acute sense of hearing. A tiny sound is much louder to horses than to humans. When they hear a loud noise, they might act on flight instinct and run away. The worst-case scenario is they will stumble on nearby people.

The sound of rain hitting on a metal barn might be distracting for your equine friends. They might feel fear every time a rainstorm strikes. As an alternative, wood is excellent for noise absorption. Wood barns can serve as a comfortable and quiet home for your horses and other farm animals.


To prevent accidents and fires in wood barns, perform routine maintenance checks. Both wood exteriors and interiors require regular painting and staining to avoid rotting. Over time, maintenance costs will accumulate.

This is where metal outperforms wood. You can benefit from the low upkeep costs associated with metal structures. Maintenance and repairs on metal barns are very minimal, which means you can save time and money. In addition, there’s no need to deal with issues like rot and insect infestations with a steel barn.


When choosing a material for your barn, durability is one of the main factors. Steel structures like agricultural barns provide long-term durability and resistance against extreme elements. This is possible because steel is naturally strong. One disadvantage of metal barns is that it’s prone to denting when kicked by an active horse. 

You can treat a wood barn to protect it from water damage, but it’s still susceptible to termite damage, mold and mildew, and other insects and infestations. 


Wood barns have a classic and rustic vibe that many will find pleasing. A properly installed wood barn can add charm and aesthetic value to your property. With wood barns, you can place emphasis on natural elements and a neutral color palette.

On the other hand, steel barns offer a cleaner appearance. It is available in designs and colors, which make it look as good as wood.


With the help of a professional barn builder, you can have a wood barn customized to your needs. Wood offers design flexibility and versatility. This material can be cut, shaped, and stained the way you like it.

The same is true for metal barns. Nowadays, steel structures come in a wide range of customization options. Design possibilities are endless when you choose a steel barn. You can design your custom barn and have it installed by a local metal building contractor. Moreover, it is easy to modify with lesser costs and shorter construction times.


Both wood and metal can be used in creating highly functional horse barns. At Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, we install metal barns, carports, and garages. Our fully customizable structures can be designed to fit your exact needs. Call us today to get started!