Metal buildings are extremely durable and low maintenance. However, many people think that they are noisier than conventional buildings. Without insulation, underlayment, and soundproofing, the metal panels can intensify noise from the outside.

Whether you own a barndominium or a steel garage, you can soundproof your metal building effectively. There are several techniques that can block the sound waves from traveling in or out of the structure. You can use insulation, sound-absorbing blankets, and other soundproofing materials. Continue reading below for more information.

What Is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution or sound pollution refers to any unwanted sound that has adverse effects on human or animal life. Regular exposure to noise pollution is not healthy. This may cause hearing loss, reduce productivity and focus, and interfere with sleep. Whether you own a residential or commercial metal building, noise pollution control should not be overlooked.

How Are Noises Transmitted in Buildings?

Managing exterior noise starts with knowing how noise gets transmitted. Regardless of the source, noises are transmitted by two methods: airborne and mechanically transmitted sound. Airborne sound waves travel through open windows and doors. Meanwhile, mechanically transmitted sound moves through floors, ceilings, walls, and other building components.

As sound waves hit the building, it turns into a vibration. When an object vibrates, it bumps into the surrounding air molecules. Then, these vibrations create an airborne sound. The acoustics of your metal building determine whether the sound will be absorbed. 

Many materials can be used to block sound from traveling. You can make the walls or ceilings thicker to keep outside noises out. 

How To Soundproof a Metal Building

Fortunately, there are several ways to soundproof your steel building. Let’s take a look at the most common soundproofing methods:


An effective way to improve the acoustics in your metal building is through insulation. Putting insulation between the surface of the steel structure can make all the difference. Sound-blocking insulation can mask the sound and prevent them from passing through to the next room. This technique can also boost the sound isolation performance of the steel wall panels. Fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, and open-cell foam are the common types of insulation.

Acoustic Fiberglass

When you choose fiberglass insulation, you will apply a sound-absorbent material to the exterior walls and roofing. This will reduce sound transmission between the walls, ceiling, and floors. Aside from this, it will control heat flow and improve the temperature. If you need both acoustic and thermal insulation, fiberglass boards are great for you.

Acoustic Foam Tiles

This material helps reduce noise pollution by removing echoes and background noises. Instead of block sound, acoustic foam tiles absorb them. When installed properly, this will remove the residual noise in your metal building. Poorly placed acoustic foam tiles will have little soundproofing effect. Make sure to leave no gaps where sound ways can pass through. All gaps and corners should be covered with insulation spray or foam tiles.

Gypsum Board in Wall Partitions

Another way to improve sound quality is through multiple layers of gypsum board. This noise-reducing material will enhance soundproofing inside your structure. Serving as acoustic drywall, the gypsum boards will protect your interior from outside noise. Adding gypsum boards and panels can prevent sound reverberation from happening in the first place.

Sound-Absorbing Blankets or Sheets

If you only need a temporary soundproofing method, sound-absorbing blankets are perfect. These sheets are effective for sound absorption, not sound blocking. Sound-dampening sheets usually consist of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers. They are designed to improve the sound quality and absorb reverberation. 

You can hang sound-absorbing blankets against the walls, ceiling, and windows of your steel garage or workshop. Since they can absorb around 85% of sound waves, they are great for small spaces. No need for complex installation methods. However, they are not as great as acoustic tiles and insulation foam. 

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