Over the years, steel buildings have gained popularity and recognition in the market. Due to its low maintenance costs and durability, you can transform it into an office, mancave, or storage area. Most prefab metal buildings have a wide-span layout, which is perfect for storing bulky machinery and equipment. It’s no wonder metal buildings are a popular choice for self-storage facilities and warehouses. 

The concept of self-storage has been around for years already. Self-storage owners allow people to store their personal belongings in rental spaces. The usual tenants of these self-storage units are businesses and individuals. With this kind of facility, they can have storage space for equipment like furniture, office supplies, and other possessions. Self-storage units can be rented on a short-term and flexible basis.

Here are some pointers on why you should choose metal buildings for your self-storage business.


Choosing the most ideal location is everything for any kind of business. A location with a high traffic volume is very desirable for a self-storage business. When choosing your desired location, ask yourself these few questions. Is the site easily accessible by car? Is your self-storage facility visible from the street? Are there homes and apartments near the site?

A self-storage facility that’s close to residential areas is highly advantageous since it is visible and not far from your target customers. Most people want a self-storage unit that offers easy and convenient access.

Regardless of the location, a self-storage metal building can be installed anywhere you like. Make sure the soil is properly compacted before the installation work begins. Soil compaction is required in preparing a metal building site because it increases the load-bearing capacity and improves ground stability.

Local Zoning and Building Requirements

Zoning is another aspect you need to consider when building a self-storage metal building. It refers to the local laws and regulations that govern how the land can be utilized. In general, zoning laws regulate areas of land into different categories like residential, commercial, industrial, and more. Understanding what zoning is will help you with your self-storage business. 

Before the installation starts, manage all the zoning and permitting requirements. You must comply with all the specific and detailed regulations to avoid setbacks and penalties.


Steel structures have interior design flexibility. This means your entire structure can be built and expanded as your business grows. You have the freedom to choose the layout and design of your self-storage facility. If you don’t have any preference, there are prefabricated units that you can order from different manufacturers.

Since metal buildings are highly customizable, there are endless layout options for you. Thanks to the versatility of metal structures, you can build single-story and multi-story storage facilities. Multiple stories will help you maximize the lot size. 

In addition, self-storage facilities can be built in any size and land shape. For installation purposes, buy a rectangular plot of land. Rectangular sites are easier to lay out and develop than irregular-shaped ones.

When it comes to designing your self-storage metal building, remember the following factors:

  • Unit Sizing
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Facility Expansion
  • Appearance and Curb Appeal


Keeping your self-storage facility secure should be your top priority. Your customers will trust your business when they know that their valuable items are safe. Fortunately, you can easily modify your metal building to increase safety and security. As a building material, heavy-grade steel is sturdy enough to discourage attempted break-ins and brute force attacks.

You should take security measures so that intruders would think twice about trying to break in. To prevent thieves from infiltrating your facility, you may install the following:

  • Loud alarms at all entry points
  • Entrance keypads and electronic door locks
  • Burglar-resistant windows
  • Interior reinforcements
  • Motion-activated lights
  • Security cameras and video monitoring systems
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Property fencing and garage door
  • Surveillance systems

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