In terms of strength and durability, steel buildings are ahead of their game. For added protection and security, you may consider a well-designed metal building. These durable structures are highly versatile, so you can add whatever security features you want. Boosting the security of your metal building isn’t too difficult. Below are some of the ways you can increase security and help thwart would-be intruders.

Strong Lock Systems

If you have valuable items stored in your prefab steel structure, you want to make sure they are protected at all times. You can start by investing in a secure lock system, not just simple door locks. Choose between automatic or digital lock systems depending on your needs. 

Installing lock systems on your doors and windows will prevent thieves from breaking in. When you have high-security locks, you can deter or delay unauthorized access to your property. Unlike standard locks, a secure lock system won’t be broken by ramming devices or even brute force attacks.

Alarm Systems and Motion Detectors

One of the best ways to deter intruders is to install high-quality alarm systems at entry points. Motion detectors are worth the money because the loud alarm sound will notify you and your neighbors during an intrusion. A siren can definitely ward off intruders and notify police near your metal building. 

Try to avoid battery-powered models because you might forget to load them with fresh batteries. For increased security, install high-technology alarms and motion detectors that will alert you on your mobile phone. They provide better real-time security and monitoring than other options in the market. However, smart alarm systems have more expensive installation costs.

Security Cameras

When security cameras are strategically placed in plain sight, criminals are discouraged from breaking in. Video surveillance equipment installed in your metal building helps increase overall safety. Since prefab steel buildings do not have columns, you can install CCTVs at different points. Point the cameras toward entrances, exits, and other vulnerable areas. 

security cameras are not suitable in metal buildings. The metal sheets will interfere with the wireless signal, meaning there will be weaker connections. Instead, you should stick with wired security cameras that can record without any problems. Wired CCTVs can be connected to a transmitter with an antenna, which will then be installed in the exterior of your metal building.

Good Lighting Systems

Exterior lighting in your steel structure has aesthetic and security benefits. When you leave no dark corners, you can be sure that there are no suspicious activities within your premises. Install motion-activated lights in different areas of your property. With proper lighting, you will discourage criminals and increase the security of your metal building. This also means that you have the visibility and peace of mind that you need.

In addition, motion sensor lights make it easier to observe your surroundings and protect whatever is stored inside. With the customization benefits of metal buildings, you can easily integrate them into your structure. Hire a reputable metal building contractor to get started with your project.

Compound Walls and Landscaping Fences

A physical barrier around your property provides additional protection and security. Compound walls and fences are just some of your options. These barriers limit access to your steel structure, so only authorized people can come inside. When you install some sort of fencing around your property, you can prevent trespassers from getting into the building in the first place. For the windows, internal spring-loaded window bars or thick metal mesh can do the trick.

Another option you have is equipping your doors with interior reinforcements. For further protection, you can add stucco and hard-to-cut materials that can resist brute force attacks. Interior reinforcements can slow down break-in attempts and prevent anyone from getting in without your permission.

Let’s Create a Customized and Safe Metal Building

We hope you can use these tips and recommendations in your future metal building project. At Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, we have excellent solutions for keeping your steel structures protected from any threats. We focus on putting together the best steel building kit with maximum protection. You can count on us for a wide range of quality metal buildings. 

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