Overhead doors are known for their vertical open and close functions. This means you can open the doors up or down manually. The door overhead is an important part of your customized steel structure. This allows you to add safety features and prevent theft into your building.

The overhead door should be treated like your other building accessories. This shouldn’t be an afterthought. When you select the right overhead door, it will be easier to move your items in and out of your metal structure. Custom Metal Buildings of Midland is here to guide you with your overhead door selection process.

What Overhead Door Size Do You Need?

Whether you are building a steel barn or metal garage, choose a door that’s wide enough for your specific needs. What are you planning to move through your overhead door? Small parcels? Large equipment? or an RV? If you’re storing vehicles inside your metal building, measure the height, width, and headroom. You should also add ample space for the side mirrors. 

In addition, there should be some walking room for people to pass. We recommend that you buy a steel building with an eave height that’s two feet higher than your tallest overhead door.

How Will You Use Your Steel Building?

In general, overhead doors come in light-duty and heavy-duty styles. The overhead door style depends on your metal structure. Light-duty doors are more appropriate for residential steel structures. Choose a light-duty style for your small storage building or steel garage.

On the other hand, commercial metal buildings require heavy-duty overhead doors. If you own a metal warehouse or auto shop, it’s better to buy industrial roll-up doors. These kinds of doors can resist even the harshest weather elements. You may ask your metal building contactor about their overhead door recommendations.

Where Will You Place Your Overhead Doors?

When an overhead door is factory located, it means they are positioned for maximum strength. The placement will determine what kind of overhead doors you need. In businesses and commercial places, you will notice that overhead doors are placed on opposite ends of the building. This is done for convenience. Aside from the end walls, you may place your overhead steel doors on the sidewalls of your custom metal structure.

Factors When Buying Commercial Overhead Doors

  • Door Model and Design
  • Door Opening Size
  • Door System Weight
  • Clearances
  • Framing Materials
  • Bracing
  • Climate Control
  • Budget

Different Types of Overhead Doors

Many options for overhead doors are now available in the market. Here are some of the most popular types to choose from:

Roll-Up Doors

Also known as coiling or drum doors, this type of overhead door is made of corrugated steel sheets. You will see roll-up doors in warehouses and storage facilities. When you open a roll-up door, the steel sheet will roll up into a nest. Because of its mechanism, roll-up doors are preferred for space efficiency and durability.

Sectional Doors

With two horizontal panels hinged together, sectional overhead doors create clear space on your entranceway. This makes opening and closing doors a breeze. Sectional doors are perfect if you are looking for minimal maintenance and convenience.

Vertical/Horizontal Bi-Fold Doors

Similar to sectional doors, this type has door panel sections. However, bi-fold doors are seen in large facilities like malls. It has a bi-folding system that opens vertically. This system allows smooth access into and outside the building with just the press of a button. Hydraulics are used for its automatic operation, but you may also open them manually.

Walk Doors

This is one of the most common types of overhead doors. This comes in different sizes, colors, and finishes. Walk doors are usually used as the main entrance doors on metal buildings. You can install them on any section of a wall, depending on your needs and preference. To save time, you may buy a preassembled walk door that you can mount directly to the walls or steel beams.

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