As the weather starts to warm up, we feel the need to get out and clean our homes. Spring cleaning has always been a ritual to refresh your space after a dark and dreary winter. Now’s the time to come out of hibernation mode and open up your home.

Whether you own a traditional home or a steel structure, spring is the time you give your home a good scrub. Metal buildings require minimal maintenance. But this doesn’t mean that exterior cleaning isn’t needed at all. As a steel building owner, it’s your responsibility to perform a spring cleaning routine.

Here’s what you need to know about spring cleaning your custom metal building:

Inspect the Steel Structure

It’s common knowledge that winter weather can cause damage to your structure. Ice buildup and strong windstorms can be rough on your roof and siding. This is why springtime is the best time to inspect for damage and leaks. 

Start with the exterior parts of your metal building. Check the gutters and downspouts for debris that could be in the way. When there’s standing water, you will have to address corrosion issues. Rust on the surface can shorten the lifespan of your metal building.

Your metal building’s insulation should also be checked. Your utility bills can go up if your steel structure is poorly insulated. Typically, fiberglass and reflective foil are the most popular insulation solutions for metal buildings. They provide the lowest installed cost per R-value while adding protection against heat exchange. 

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Fix Metal Roof and Gutter Problems

Once you’re done with the inspection, it’s time to fix loose and damaged parts. Get on top of the roof and replace all damaged fasteners and roof shingles. During winter, your roof shingles might be blown off. Remove all the dirt, mold, and rust stains that could get stuck on the surface. 

You may use a pressure washer to clean your metal building. Using the lowest setting, spray soapy water over the surface. This will help maintain the appearance of your metal structure.

For gutters, scoop out debris and gunk on the surface. Use a garden hose to flush the remaining debris. Then, you may start repairing sagging sections of the gutter.

To avoid accidents, make sure to wear safety harnesses and secure your ladder to the metal building.

Focus on Your Metal Building Exteriors

Your property’s exterior is as important as the interior. When the exterior is full of grease and grime, this can result in corrosion. Damage to your metal panels is still possible. If these surfaces are left unmaintained, they are bound to become damaged. The more you neglect them, the worse these problems will become.

To extend the lifespan of your metal building, clean the exterior finish this spring season. Use a pressure washer on a low setting to wash the facade thoroughly. Make sure to buy a mild detergent to remove all dirt and stain.

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Repair Metal Building Doors and Entryways

Overhead and roll-up doors are very common in metal buildings. These doors are extremely durable like the steel structure itself. While they are strong and sturdy, overhead doors can get damaged.

Once they get dings and dents, it’s time to repair them. Start by cleaning all the locking mechanisms. All the hinges and locksets should be lubricated to remove dirt buildup. If your door is showing corrosion, consider replacing it with a zinc-coated steel door. 

Keep a Log for Your Records

Whether you like DIY spring cleaning or hire a professional, keep a record of the work done. This will help you schedule your next metal building maintenance or repair.

Final Thoughts

We hope these spring cleaning tips will keep your metal building in tip-top conditioning for many years to come. If you’re considering a steel building for residential or commercial applications, reach out to Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland

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