One of the most important aspects of building design is lighting. It plays a huge role in the appearance and energy consumption of a building. Whether you have a garage, workshop, or barndominium, steel buildings are like any other structure. They also need the right lighting to enhance the interior space and highlight or hide certain areas of your metal building.

When designing a building lighting plan, you should consider all available options in the market. You also need to take into consideration other factors like the type of lighting, intended use of the building, size of the structure, and height of the ceiling.

Natural and Artificial Light

To save costs, you may combine natural and artificial lighting options. When you have a good amount of natural light and artificial light, your metal building will be as efficient as possible. Below, we have compiled the most popular light options and most efficient ways to light up your steel structure.

LED Lighting

In terms of cost-effectiveness, nothing beats a light-emitting diode or LED lighting. This is a technology used in many lighting applications—residential and commercial alike. As compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are durable and energy-efficient. They generate less heat and a minimal carbon footprint. This makes them more environmentally friendly than other lighting technologies.

Available in soft, warm, and bright white hues, LED lights are perfect for businesses because they consume 80%-85% less energy than standard, incandescent lighting. This means lesser energy consumption and utility costs. Aside from offices and business establishments, LED light fixtures are ideal for metal garages and workshops because they produce brighter light that spreads evenly.

Hanging LED Bulbs

This is a popular option for steel structures due to their cost-effectiveness. Hanging LED lights are cheap, durable, and easily replaceable. In addition, they are more environmentally friendly than other types of lighting. 

Unlike an incandescent bulb, hanging LED bulbs don’t need to be switched frequently. It can hold up under different weather conditions—even in hot or cold temperatures. Consult with a metal building installer if this option is suitable for you.

T8 LED Lights

If you have a metal garage or workspace, then T8 LED tube lights are perfect for you. They are designed for T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. Known for their energy efficiency, FCC compliance, and shatterproof casing, these lights will not burn out under all conditions.

Having T8 LED lights installed will ensure that you will get your work done with minimal disturbance. They also have dimming controls to reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life. 

Mobile Lights

Temporary portable lighting solutions can help in improving the lighting setup of your metal building. With these mobile light fixtures, you can illuminate your workspace and get your work done with ease. Unlike traditional lighting options, mobile lights are easy to install for a wide variety of applications. 

In case you need extra lighting for tight spaces or specific tasks, add temporary work lights to provide maximum durability and visibility.

LED Panel Lighting

For a more effective illumination in your steel building, LED panel lighting is the key. Due to their sleek design, versatility, and wattage options, panel lighting is good for both commercial and residential applications. These lights are also found in homes, offices, warehouses, and gyms. 

With an LED panel, the light gets dispersed throughout the space through a wide illumination angle. This creates a well-lit and comfortable environment, mimicking daylight. You can expect a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours.

Light-Transmitting Panels (LTP)

LTPs are perfect for introducing natural light into your steel building. Light-transmitting panels are made up of translucent panels that reflect heat and increase visibility. This innovative lighting solution will definitely reduce energy consumption and operating costs. By allowing natural light distribution, there’s no need to turn on lights in certain areas. 

When you have a naturally lit environment, productivity may increase soon after. Just be sure to follow OSHA regulations and laws when installing and using LTPs.


Metal building skylights are one of the most popular metal building accessories out there. Like LTPs, they introduce lots of natural light into your steel structure through the roof or ceiling. Skylights can create a wonderful ambiance when combined with your main LED lighting sources. This is perfect if you want to have a good amount of natural and artificial lighting inside your metal building.

Here are some of the benefits that metal building skylights provide:

  • Reduces lighting costs by as much as 80%
  • Improves productivity and efficiency in your office and commercial setting
  • Boosts the value of the steel structure
  • Replaceable every 30 to 50 years
  • Reflects heat while letting in sunlight
  • Increases comfort and visibility

Need Help in Choosing the Right Lighting Fixture?

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