Many metal building companies highlight how quickly prefab steel structures can be erected. In general, construction times for steel buildings are shorter than with other materials. They are easier to install because the components are already pre-cut and prefabricated.

For context, a three-person crew can assemble a 40×60 structure within five days. A team of five to seven people can generally finish larger steel structures within a week. Aside from the building size, there are other factors that influence how long it takes to erect your steel structures. 

In this blog, we will discuss the variables with regard to the construction speed of a metal building. Any of the following could affect the completion of your project, so make sure to take some notes:

Size and Span

The building size has a great impact on the speed of construction. Naturally, a larger structure will take more time to build than a smaller one. Steel warehouses have a more time-consuming construction process than metal barns due to their size, height, and features. 

Aside from the size, span or width of the framing affects the construction time. Clear-span steel buildings need more time and equipment to come together. Wide structures over 80 inches are a bit more complex and complicated to build. If you’re getting a clear-span building, the structural steel tubes and rafter beams need to be installed properly.


It goes without saying that simpler structures are easier to build. The building’s complexity can When you choose a customized building over a basic rectangular-shaped one, expect a much longer project timeframe. Structures with a low gable roof and steel panel exterior are simpler to build because contractors are already familiar with the process. In contrast, metal buildings with unique features require additional steps that may extend the project length.

Number of Crew Members

The more people work on your metal building, the faster it will be done. When you hire a large crew, there’s a chance that the project will be finished quickly. Even a large metal warehouse can be built in a short period of time when you have enough manpower. 

However, the number of workers may either slow down or speed up the construction time. More people also mean higher labor costs. If you’re planning to hire a large crew for your project, ensure effective communication amongst the workers.


In every project, communication is very important. Poor and ineffective communication is the main contributor to delays and project failures. In addition, it leads to misunderstandings in the building process.

To complete your metal building on time, you should work with a company that keeps communication lines clear and open. Your metal building contractor should be able to handle your entire project from start to finish. Effective communication allows them to troubleshoot issues and build the steel structure within the time period.

Weather Conditions

Extreme weather can throw off the schedule of your metal building installation. As we all know, it can cause delays, reduce visibility, and wreak havoc on-site. In terms of safety, inclement weather and storms are dangerous to workers. Fortunately, prefab steel structures are easier to install than traditional building materials like wood and concrete.


Designing and erecting a metal building requires experience and expertise. Due to their experience in working with different clients, steel building contractors have gained enough skills and competence. That’s why they are able to pick up speed. For your next project, make sure to hire an experienced team that will always do the job quicker.

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