The popularity of prefabricated metal buildings is increasing now more than ever. Whether you want a metal barn or steel garage, metal building kits are one of the best options for residential, commercial, and industrial use. A metal warehouse is another building structure made of steel.

A prefab steel warehouse is usually composed of steel beams, columns, and trusses that are connected by welds and bolts. When purchasing or installing a metal warehouse, you must do your research. This will help you determine the right size, style, and building accessories suitable to your needs. With its customizable features, you can have a unique storage solution that matches your specific business operations.

At Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, our metal storage buildings are versatile enough for any industry and application. Over the years, many businesses have switched to a more durable material like steel. 

Metal Warehouse vs Traditional Concrete Warehouse

If you are looking for a storage facility, skip the traditional concrete warehouses. Steel is more suitable for warehouse buildings because of its resistance to mold and rot. Whatever you store inside the steel structure will remain intact and in good condition. This will give you peace of mind knowing your assets and goods are well protected. 

In addition, the entire steel structure will be lightweight. No need to build brick-concrete walls and heavy roof shingles that will not last a lifetime. Instead, choose a metal warehouse with guaranteed structural stability. 

Steel structure warehouses are also easier to install, so you can save on construction and labor costs. On average, the cost of a metal warehouse installation is 20% to 30% lower than a typical concrete warehouse.

Common Building Specifications

Gabled Style

A gabled-style building usually has the peak at the top. This type of structure has an eave height of 10 to 26 feet and a width of 30 to 100 feet. As for the length of the structure, you can opt for anything between 30 to 200 feet.

Single Slope

This building design has a roofline that slopes in one direction. Most single slope buildings feature clear-span designs that are ideal for storage purposes. If you need a warehouse with bigger space, this structure design will provide you with 100% clear span usable space. It has no interior beams, which allow you to maximize the warehouse’s storage capacity.

Typically, a single slope building has an eave height of 10 to 22 feet on its low side and a width of 30 to 60 feet. Similar to a gable-style building, its length can be between 30 to 200 feet.


Without interior columns, arch-type steel buildings have vast open space for storage. Their widths can be from 10 to 125 feet, while the length can be as long as necessary. Arched buildings are commonly used in agricultural storage, garages, workshops, and equipment storage.

Eco-Friendly Benefits of Metal Warehouses

100% Usable Space

When you choose steel structures, you also choose uninterrupted space. There are no columns or load-bearing poles that create obstructions inside the storage facility. This means that you get 100% usable space for your specific requirements. A column-free metal warehouse will provide you with wide-open interior spaces where you can store your goods and stock. 

High Recycled Material                                                                        

Did you know that we recycle steel more than any other material? Its magnetic qualities allow steel to have an endless life cycle. Because of its 100% recyclable capabilities, steel is one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable materials. In North America alone, around 80 million tons of steel are recycled each year. In fact, you can create a 20,000 square foot steel building using recycled steel from 60-70 wrecked cars.


When insulated properly, steel warehouses become good insulators for heat and cold. You can lower your energy consumption by half. During winter, the steel can prevent the heat from escaping your structure. Likewise, it can keep the temperature low in the summer months. You may also use cool-coated steel panels to reduce utility bills even more.

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