Warehouses are popular for storing dry goods. But they can be used for perishable food and items that need cold temperatures. Cold storage buildings are common for keeping dairy, fruits and vegetables, vaccines, and medicines. These items need low-temperature refrigeration for storage and preservation.

Metal buildings are ideal for cold storage warehouses. In this article, we will discuss the basics of cold storage warehousing. This guide will help you understand why you should choose steel as the primary material.

What Is Cold Storage?

A cold storage warehouse is a facility with refrigeration equipment. It is primarily used to store goods that need to be in optimal temperatures.

The only difference between cold storage and dry storage is the temperature. Using a cold storage facility prevents spoilage and rotting of perishable products.

Types of Cold Storage Building

Cold storage warehouses are classified according to size, temperature range, and storage capacity. Whether you need an individual unit or a large-scale facility, there are options available for you. Let’s explore the common types of cold storage in detail.

  • Refrigerated Containers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Cold Storage Warehouse
  • Custom Cold Storage Facility

Why Choose Metal Cold Storage Warehouse?


A cold storage structure made of steel is sturdy and durable. It can withstand mold, pests, and other damages. In addition, a metal cold storage building has a long service life. Its impressive strength and large-column grids make them suitable for warehousing applications.


In terms of energy efficiency, nothing beats steel. Most metal warehouses are known to be energy-efficient structures. They are good insulators for both heat and cold. This aspect is very important in cold storage warehouses. In a metal building, you can easily keep the temperatures low depending on the storage requirements. When you choose a prefab building, you can manage your energy use and reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Environmentally Friendly

Pre-engineered steel buildings offer many green benefits. If you choose steel for your cold storage warehouse, you will produce lower construction waste. Steel only has 2% waste on a job site. This means 98% of steel can be recycled over and over again. 

Recycled steel can be turned into a new cold storage warehouse without sacrificing quality. Most steel structures follow green building standards. This way, you are promoting sustainability and helping protect the environment.

Easy To Expand

You’ll never know when you need a larger space for your refrigerated warehouse. With custom metal buildings, a structural expansion is possible. Your cold storage warehouse can be sized to meet your current needs. 

If you have plans to expand in the future, expandable end walls can be used for your cold storage facility. An expandable end wall serves as an interior framing while carrying the load of a full bay. Steel structures with expansion walls are easy to design and assemble. Ask a custom steel contractor about how you can optimize your structure’s size. 

Low Maintenance

When you invest in metal cold storage, you will get your money’s worth. Steel buildings are hands down the best option in terms of minimal upkeep. It won’t rot or degrade like other building materials. Whatever you store in your cold storage warehouse is safe and secure. 

Moreover, mold growth will not be an issue when you choose a prefab steel building. The metal frame is nonporous, which means it does not hold moisture. A simple wash at least once a year will prevent dirt from accumulating. The low maintenance and operating costs will be beneficial for your business in the long run.


When we think of warehouses, we immediately imagine storage racks and huge handling equipment. A cold storage facility should be space for the movement of goods. Easier mobility will result in efficient warehouse operations.

A lot of metal structures have a clear-span design. This is a building design that eliminates the support columns or posts. With an uninterrupted interior space, you can add more shelves to your steel cold storage building. In a steel warehouse, there’s always adequate storage space. 

Key Takeaway

We hope this article has provided you with information on metal cold storage warehouses. At Texas Custom Metal Buildings of Midland, we specialize in different steel structures, carports, barndominiums, and more. Feel free to call us today to get a free quote on your next metal building project!