One of the advantages of metal buildings is customization. There are many ways to customize the functionality and appearance of steel warehouses, metal barns and garages, barndominiums, and more. With a wide plethora of interior and exterior metal building components, you can make your steel building as unique as you.

Make your building stand out by using pre-engineered building accessories, such as doors, vents, and everything in between. Accessories are those components that are not part of the basic steel building system. These add finishing touches and help enhance the performance and safety of your structure.  

Here’s a list of accessory products that you can include in your next metal building projects:


Most metal building systems windows are self-framing and self-flashing, so you can easily install them without much hassle. Windows for steel buildings are specially designed to allow natural light and ventilation inside without the need for sub-frames. No matter what kind of steel building you own, manufacturers can provide you with both insulated and non-insulated models in various shapes, sizes, arrangements, glazing options, and forms.

Sliding Doors

Also known as bottom rolling doors, this door design option is perfect for steel buildings with framed openings. Most sliding door systems are less expensive and operated manually. They don’t require electricity or specialized motors, so you don’t have to worry when the power goes out. Aside from being energy-saving and cost-effective, sliding doors are customizable to fit the unique conditions of your metal building.

Walk Doors

Available in a variety of finishes and configurations, walk doors are necessary for most metal buildings. You can choose between single or double door systems depending on the size of your steel structure and foot traffic. There are also pre-assembled doors that are already hung into the frame for convenience and ease of installation. Steel walk doors are ideal for metal garages, storage sheds, and other types of metal buildings.

Skylights and Light-Transmitting Panels (LTP)

These accessories are widely used in energy-efficient steel buildings to allow natural light distribution. When installed properly, skylights and light-transmitting panels help reduce energy consumption and operating costs. Skylights are also known as roof lights because translucent fiberglass or polycarbonate panels are used to replace roofing panels. However, you may also install it in the wall to introduce more natural light into the metal building.

Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation helps optimize the performance and efficiency of your metal storage building, steel commercial building, or steel warehouse. Roof-mounted gravity, aluminum turbine, and ridge vents are some of the most common ventilation systems used in steel buildings. These are designed to keep the air fresh, reduce condensation build-up, and remove the excess heat from the interior during the day and warmer seasons.

The correct type of ventilation system depends on the size, structure, and function of your building, so make sure to reach out to a metal building expert to calculate the amount of ventilation required. 


Your steel building doesn’t need to look like plain, boring metal panels. In fact, your metal building is known for the design flexibility and customization that come with it. There are endless options to customize both the interior and exterior look of any steel structure. 

Most metal panels are available with acrylic stucco, wood paneling, brickwork, or simulated concrete finishes. You may also choose the coatings, paint finishes, and color of your wall and roof panels. To ensure longevity and higher durability, anti-corrosive coatings can be applied to the exterior of your steel building. Galvanization helps prevent rust by adding zinc coating to the surface of the metal.

Gutters and Downspouts

Gutter systems are extremely important in any kind of structure. Your steel building must have proper water drainage that allows rain to be directed away from the foundation as it runs off the roof. Your gutters and downspouts will keep the sides of your structure clean and contribute to the overall exterior appeal.

Interior Liner Panels

These panel systems run from the floor to the roof for aesthetic and functionality. Interior liner panels offer a durable finish to enhance the appearance of your steel building. Moreover, they help protect the insulation in commercial and industrial metal buildings.

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